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Article VIII. Administration

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Section 1. Region Council

The Regional Council shall have control of the business, finances, and activities of the Region. It shall have the power, within the limitations of these Bylaws and the Bylaws of the parent Society, to initiate and execute any measures to further the interest of the Region. Its powers and responsibilities shall include the following:


  • have, hold and administer the property, records, and funds of the Region
  • establish policy and authorize public statements on behalf of the Region in consultation with the Society
  • adopt an annual budget for the Region, authorize specific appropriations, and oversee disbursements of funds
  • assure the flow of information about the Region to its members
  • foster and oversee relations with related organizations
  • take measures to advance the interests of the Region and the Society.


Section 2. Duties

The President shall have supervision of the affairs of the Region, presiding at Meetings of the Region, the Regional Council, and the Executive Committee. The Vice President shall assist the President and, in the absence of the President, assume the President's duties.