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Article V. Chapters

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Section 1. Definition

The Region shall establish administrative sub-elements as Chapters when the Regional Council identifies a need for them or receives a written request to establish same. They may be geographical sub-divisions or Student Chapters at specific educational institutions.

Section 2. Operations

a. Officers

Chapters shall elect officers, appoint committees and adopt Bylaws consistent with Region and Society Bylaws. Results of elections shall be reported to the Region President and Treasurer within three weeks.

b. Funds

Chapters may assess dues and otherwise raise funds to be expended for Chapter operations and functions. Accounting for such funds shall be maintained and reported to the Region Treasurer as required.

A Chapter shall not incur financial obligations for, or in the name of, the Region or the Society.

c. Meetings

Chapters shall convene appropriate business and technical meetings as they deem appropriate and provide reports of their activities to the Regional Council.

d. Operating Guidelines

A Chapter shall not issue resolutions or statements or take official action on matters of Region or Society significance without approval of the Regional Council.

Chapters may enter into cooperative arrangements with other organizations in their geographic area for the purpose of encouraging exchange of technical information or otherwise enhancing the profession, as long as they do not incur financial obligations or issue statements of Region or Society significance.

e. Dissolution

A Chapter may be dissolved by the Regional Council if it ceases to be active or for other good and sufficient reasons.